Project Two-Stroke 2.0 – Bike Builds with Aaron Colton

December 5, 2019

Freestyle motorbike rider and stuntman extraordinaire Aaron Colton is all about one thing—attention to detail, especially when it comes to rebuilding and restoring motorbikes.

His unparalleled ability to fine-tune the little things was on display during his “Project 2-Stroke” build for Red Bull Day in the Dirt in 2016, and three years later he’s running things back, going on another Craigslist search for a 2-stroke to resurrect for Day in the Dirt 2019. This time he’s settled on the iconic “Twin-Spar Honda CR” that changed the game in Motocross in the early 2000s, refurbishing it for the latest episode of Bike Builds.

Leading up to “Project 2-Stroke 2.0,” Colton developed new skills to put to use when building and maintaining his bikes. From honing cylinders to learning to cerakote and anodize his own parts, Colton takes pride in doing things himself, his own way.

Follow along as Colton finds his latest bike and takes it from Craigslist clunker to near-factory spec race bike in the first part of the latest Bike Builds with Aaron Colton, and stay tuned for part two next week, when Colton will put the bike to the test at Day in the Dirt.