A feature film documentary charting the rapidly growing global subculture movement of custom and cafe racer bike building.

The last decade has witnessed an explosion in motorcycle culture.

What began as a swell soon gathered momentum, carrying with it a portfolio of exemplary craftsmanship previously unseen by the masses.

The custom and cafe racer scene is counter-cultural, championed by many as a rejection of the big corporations. Through nostalgia tinted spectacles, it looks to the romance of motorcycling as a visceral, tactile pursuit, where bikers get their hands dirty, maintain and tune their own bikes, and need to have skills to ride a bike.

Where will it go? Have we witnessed its glory days, will it become like punk, a weak parody of itself rinsed for every last penny?

Or will it develop as a resilient and sustainable movement that sits at the cutting edge of mainstream motorcycle culture, exerting a measured and appropriate influence that ensures the future of the motorcycle industry?

Oil In The Blood poses these questions to those drive the culture – the builders, the riders, the artists, the photographers, the curators; the people who make the scene. It will explore the rich historical traditions that have collided and combined to create the phenomena, navigate the current creative landscape, and question what the future holds.

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